Sure Shock

1 lb., 25 lb., 50lb.
Calcium Hypochlorite - Borate Blend
77.4% Active Ingredients
Patented Borate Technology for Perfectly
Clear Water!

Shock treatment kills bacteria and controls algae. Restores a crystal clear clarity to pool water and enhances water quality.

Swimming pool water is subject to a build-up of a wide variety of organic contaminants including swimmer waste such as perspiration, urine, ammonia compounds, and natural and synthetic oils and lotions. If left untreated, the build-up of these contaminants could lead to the development of clarity problems. These organic wastes which serve as nutrients for bacteria, algae, and other organisms should be removed from the pool on a regular basis to prevent their build up. This product will effectively reduce organic contamination in swimming pool water resulting in increased water clarity.

Dissolve in warm water before applying to avoid bleaching vinyl liners.


MSDS Sheets (pdf)