Shock Your Pool

Organic matter enters your pool through a variety of sources. Swimmers, rainfall, leaves and grass all contribute contaminants which place a demand on the chlorine in your pool.

Chlorine reacts to the presence of these organic contaminants by combining with them to form compounds known as “chloramines.” These compounds are responsible for the noxious odors, skin irritations and eye-burn problems frequently misinterpreted as being too much chlorine in the pool. In reality, there is not enough chlorine to “oxidize” and eliminate the organic matter. The ONLY solution to this situation is shock treating the pool.

IDEAL offers four kinds of pool water shock treatment products. The contents of these products are completely different, but all provide excellent shock treating capabilities.

Sure Shock (Calcium Hypochlorite-Borate Blend) is our most powerful shock. It is recommended when high levels of free chlorine are needed. Because of the super chlorinating characteristics of Sure Shock, swimming is not recommended until the free chlorine has dropped down to approximately 4 ppm. Dissolve in warm water before applying to avoid bleaching vinyl liners.

Fast Shock (Lithium Hypochlorite) dissolves fast to oxidize contaminants without raising the free chlorine to unsafe levels. It is safe to use in vinyl liner pools becasue it dissolves so quickly.

Non-Chlorine Oxidizing Shock (Potassium Monopersulfate) is a powerful oxidizer which destroys organic matter in the water and prevents the formation of combined chlorine. Since it contains no chlorine, swimming may resume immediately after use.

Multi-Shock (Dichlor-Potassium Monopersulfate Blend) is a combo shock that provides the benefits of both granular chlorine (dichlor) and non-chlorine shock. It helps control algae and bacteria growth, and prevents the formation of combined chlorine.

Helpful Hints For Shocking

Your pool should be shocked after heavy bather loads, long periods of hot weather and after heavy rains. By shocking your pool, you will eliminate chlorine odors and ensure a clean healthy pool. Shock should always be added to the deep end of your pool, preferably in the evening. Chlorinated shock is more effective if it is not subject to the sun’s UV rays.

Be sure to consult your authorized IDEAL dealer before beginning a shock treatment program. He will recommend a program that’s best for your pool needs.