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Reduces chlorine loss caused by the sun's UV rays. Simply put, Stabilizer preconditions pool water to make chlorine last longer.

Treat pool water only once with STABILIZER. Add 1-2/3 Ibs. (26 oz.) of STABILIZER for each 10,000 gallons of water in the following way. Backwash the filter before adding STABILIZER. To add STABILIZER, make a slurry of powder in a pail of water and with the pump running pour the slurry into the skimmer. If some powder remains in the pail, refill pail with water, mix well and pour into skimmer. Do not backwash filter for at least 24 hours unless the pressure indicates the need to backwash. This treatment is sufficient to produce the minimum recommended cyanurate concentration of 20 ppm in the pool water. The use of STABILIZER CHLORINATING GRANULES or TABLETS (cyanurate chlorine compounds) throughout the season to maintain chlorine concentration will also maintain the cyanurate concentration. Cyanurate is lost only by draining or splashing water out of the pool, or dilution by rain water.

MSDS Sheets (pdf)