Algae Killer


1 qt.

Non-foaming 7% copper. Destroys and prevents all common algae growth: green, mustard and black algae. Will not stain.

Check the application chart to determine the amount of this product to use for your pool.

To a freshly filled pool or at first visible signs of algae growth, pour the required amount of this product into a plastic watering can, fill with water, and sprinkle the diluted product around the edge of the pool. For best results, the mixture should be distributed equally around the edge of the pool.

This product is compatible with other pool chemicals but should never be pre-mixed with other chemicals before application.

NOTE: This product is an algaestat rather than algaecidal to some BLACK ALGAE. Recommended rates of it will prevent formation of BLACK ALGAE. If BLACK ALGAE are already established, triple the initial dose.


Application Chart for Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Capacity
Gallons of Water
5,000 2 ounces 1 ounce
10,000 4 ounces 2 ounces
20,000 8 ounces 4 ounces
30,000 12 ounces 6 ounces
40,000 16 ounces 8 ounces
50,000 20 ounces 10 ounces

MSDS Sheets (pdf)